Rhymella is a simple, back-end platform for companies to integrate customer photos with brand content in a way like never before.


1. Photo content lives somewhere meaningful.

2. Brings joy, uplifts and engages the customer.

3. Invites customers into the world of the character.

How can you use Rhymella technology?

  • In-app or on-screen

    • Personalized experiences
    • Integration with video
    • Marketing promotions
  • Storybooks

    • Digital or printed
    • Multiple combinations of customer content
    • Ongoing series
  • Other consumer products

    • Fan memorabilia
    • Special offering w/ new products
    • ... Endless possibilities

What Rhymella provides for your company

  • New ways to leverage brand content
    Creating a whole new channel for character content.
  • Emotional connection
    Rhymella personalization gives you 2x the lifetime value of a "highly satisfied" customer.
  • Increased conversions
    Rhymella output is an entirely new category of UGC.